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Hall Eight

This is Richard Charkin’s 34th Frankfurt Book Fair and he will be patrolling the aisles of Hall 8 in search of insights into the world of publishing or the meaning of life, whichever comes first. For two years Richard produced a daily blog – – which is now published as a book by Macmillan describing the life of an executive in the fast-changing world of international publishing – with a few asides about cricket, airlines, book fairs, architecture and politicians.


Day five – The FAZ blog reaches out to the world

I received an email last night from Mexico City. Macmillan de Mexico published a book with the absolutely scintillating title "Basic Junior Active Context English". It might not win the prize for the oddest title but it must be one of the most boring. Mehr 18.10.2008, 14:28 Uhr von Richard Charkin 0 0 0

Day four – The descent of the testes

There is a great tradition throughout the book world of sniggering over strange book titles. The title of this posting was a book published in the 1980s by Little, Brown and Company and combines accuracy, brevity and mystery. It will … Mehr 17.10.2008, 13:09 Uhr von Richard Charkin 0 0 0

Day three – Eat, Pray, Love

We had a traditional book fair Wednesday dinner at the much-loved Casanova restaurant. A tip. Ignore the menu and simply ask for the mushrooms followed by loup de mer simply baked in salt and creme caramel to finish. Around the … Mehr 16.10.2008, 12:07 Uhr von Richard Charkin 0 0 0

Day two – E-books

The guest of this year’s Fair is Turkey and the theme is e-books. Or is the theme Turkey and the guest an e-book? I know next to nothing about Turkey and not much more about e-books. There is a huge amount … Mehr 15.10.2008, 13:00 Uhr von Richard Charkin 0 0 0

Day one – actually my 171st Frankfurt book fair day

In the words of Irving Berlin:   The snow is snowing, the wind is blowingBut I can weather the storm!What do I care how much it may storm?I’ve got my love to keep me warm. For the book trade we … Mehr 14.10.2008, 14:31 Uhr von Richard Charkin 0 0 0

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