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The German Locomotive Is Moving Fast Enough

A popular theme with the world commentariat is that Germany needs to become a stronger locomotive for European and world growth. These complaints are way owergrown. By Kenneth Rogoff Mehr 24.06.2014, 10:29 Uhr von fazitblog 2 7 20 2018

Markets, the Theory of the Firm, and Paul Krugman

Is the existence of companies a problem for free-market believers? Paul Krugman says so. But why should it? Mehr 17.07.2013, 10:57 Uhr von Patrick Bernau 7 2 4 1312

AEA Meeting: Inequality, Rating Agencies and Happiness: Interesting papers at the meeting

Top Tax Rates should be 70-80 percent? CEOs pay their employees less if they have a child? And why are rating agencies so bad? There is a lot to be discussed at the AEA meeting. Patrick Bernau has selected his favorite papers. Mehr 03.01.2013, 13:45 Uhr von Patrick Bernau 3 0 0

Martha Nussbaum: From Justice to Emotion – Six Important Issues that are Ignored by Economists

Martha Nussbaum is a distinguished philosopher. Together with Amartya Sen, she has developed the famous "Capability Approach" to economics of welfare. Today, she feels that the insights of philosophy are by-and-large ignored by economists. In this excerpt from a lecture held at Frankfurt, she lists six contributions that economists should take more seriously. Mehr 27.12.2012, 10:36 Uhr von Patrick Bernau 2 0 3

Gary Gorton: "The discussion about the crisis is uninformed and anti-intellectual"

Gary Gorton is one of the most influential and renowned experts on the financial crisis. He explains the subprime disaster and the subsequent financial crisis as an unobserved bank-run on repo and asset-backed securities. He speaks about bad regulation, the importance of information insensitive debt and the future of the banking industry. By Alexander Armbruster Mehr 21.08.2012, 15:43 Uhr von Alexander Armbruster 2 0 2

Paris desires. Berlin decides. An Euro analysis from London

From time to time, Hedge Fund Manager Stephen Jen from London writes comments about the world economy and financial markets. Here is his newest, extraordinarily juicy analysis about the Euro. Mehr 31.07.2012, 18:21 Uhr von Gerald Braunberger 4 0 0

Are markets efficient? Fund managers say: Yes.

Fund management companies tend to employ their best people in inefficient markets - and these are not your everyday markets. Everyday markets seem to be too efficient. By Patrick Bernau Mehr 05.07.2012, 13:24 Uhr von Patrick Bernau 12 0 1

The Euro: Never Waste a Good Crisis, Part II

Never waste a good crisis: We heard this sentence often in the subprime crisis, but we rarely hear it today. It seems time to call it into memory. By Patrick Bernau Mehr 27.06.2012, 13:00 Uhr von Patrick Bernau 4 0 0

Surpluses are not that dangerous

Germany is being criticized for its trade surplus. Let's not forget: Deficits are more hazardous than surpluses. By Patrick Bernau Mehr 23.02.2012, 10:55 Uhr von Patrick Bernau 8 0 0

Euro exit is feasible

Lord Wolfson has asked how the Monetary Union could be dissolved - offering £250,000 for the best idea. On January 1st, Frankfurter Allgemeine's Sunday paper made a proposal. Starting today, the jury is evaluating the proposals, so we are publishing our commentary in English. Mehr 01.02.2012, 12:50 Uhr von Patrick Bernau 2 0 0

Economist’s profile: Gabriella Conti about Health and Inequality

Why are poor people more often ill? Gabriella Conti from University of Chicago shows how health can be spoiled already for small children. A video interview by Patrick Bernau. Mehr 28.01.2012, 08:40 Uhr von Patrick Bernau 0 0 0

Economist’s profile: Justin Wolfers about Happiness

Money doesn't make people happy? This is not totally true, as Justin Wolfers has found out. Here is a video interview with him. By Patrick Bernau Mehr 16.01.2012, 15:07 Uhr von Patrick Bernau 0 0 0

Live from the AEA-Meeting Chicago: My favorite (known) studies

The annual meeting of the American Economic Association starts in Chicago today. These are the most exciting studies, selected by Patrick Bernau. Mehr 05.01.2012, 20:30 Uhr von Patrick Bernau 1 0 0

Should governments cut their spending? Alberto Alesina’s Answer

Can austerity programs make economies grow? A fierce debate is going on, starting with a study by Alberto Alesina. Now, he replies to his critics. To me, Alesina sounds softer. He attacks Paul Krugman, but he admits that spending cuts might reduce growth in the short run if they are badly executed - while still stressing that they were the only way to get government debt down. By Patrick Bernau Mehr 27.12.2011, 16:50 Uhr von Patrick Bernau 5 0 0

How to Fight Unemployment – Learning from the German Job Miracle

The discussion about unemployment in the US is quite similar to the one we had in Germany some years ago. Perhaps the German experience can be helpful. But it is not only about Kurzarbeit. By Patrick Bernau Mehr 16.12.2011, 14:20 Uhr von Patrick Bernau 9 0 0

Jahrgang 1983, Redakteur in der Wirtschaft in der F.A.Z.

Jahrgang 1981, verantwortlicher Redakteur für Wirtschaft Online.

Jahrgang 1953, verantwortlicher Redakteur für Wirtschaft und „Geld & Mehr“ der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung.

Jahrgang 1979, Redakteur in der Wirtschaft in der F.A.Z.

Jahrgang 1979, Redakteurin in der Wirtschaft der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung.

Jahrgang 1978, Redakteur in der Wirtschaft der F.A.Z.

Jahrgang 1965, Wirtschaftskorrespondent in Washington

Jahrgang 1960, Redakteur in der Wirtschaft, verantwortlich für den Finanzmarkt in der F.A.Z.

Jahrgang 1959, verantwortliche Redakteurin für Wirtschaftspolitik, zuständig für „Die Ordnung der Wirtschaft“.

Jahrgang 1982, Redakteur im Ressort Wirtschaft der F.A.Z.