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Post aus Tokio

Niemand weiß, wie sich die Katastrophe in Japan weiter entwickeln wird. Auch die Menschen in Tokio kämpfen mit ihrer tiefen Verunsicherung. Sie versuchen dennoch, ihren Alltag aufrecht zu erhalten, irgendwie. Die junge Popliteratin Akira Kuroda schreibt über ihre täglichen Erfahrungen angesichts der sich überstürzenden Ereignisse - auf Englisch.


Destination (still) Unknown

  Dear All,   Hi, how are you? It’s been a long time.  I’ve been working on my new novel, which I’m trying to devote myself 100 % of what I can do now – half done now, another half … Mehr 26.04.2011, 01:10 Uhr von Akira Kuroda 2 0 0

Reaction for the protest Check this out, my friend let me know about this link so I want to share with you. Someone took a picture of our banner at the protest. Interesting comments. I’ve been locked myself in my apartment to finish … Mehr 20.04.2011, 05:25 Uhr von Akira Kuroda 5 0 0

My Decision

Dear All, There is a place in Japan called Kobe, which means the gate of God. And now, there is a gate of Hell called Fukushima. I don’t know what will it be but there are always positive side and … Mehr 17.04.2011, 14:45 Uhr von Akira Kuroda 12 0 0

Choose your reality

Dear All, These 2-3 days, I was a bit nervous all the time. That is because, we have a series of aftershocks, relatively big – although nothing is damaged but the worst one occurred in the area where reactors stands, … Mehr 14.04.2011, 00:36 Uhr von Akira Kuroda 6 0 0

Tokyo Spring/ Protest Photos

Sleeping Mountains     Mehr 12.04.2011, 14:17 Uhr von Akira Kuroda 5 0 0

Koenji Protest 09/04/11

I’ll tell you about my first protest ever.  It was a great day. Very sunny, great fun and friendly atmosphere.  Apparently, there were 15000 people joining the protest. Different kinds of social tribes, backgrounds and point of views… but we … Mehr 11.04.2011, 11:28 Uhr von Akira Kuroda 2 0 0

My first protest ever Dear All, I’ll be in Koenji tomorrow, Tokyo to say no to the nukes, and apologizing to the world…! My first protest ever!      Mehr 09.04.2011, 04:55 Uhr von Akira Kuroda 7 0 0


We had a quake last night. It was long, slow one. There’s a rumor that we might have another big one on 11th. Although it’s not scientific observation and just a rumor, I guess we still need to be very … Mehr 08.04.2011, 01:07 Uhr von Akira Kuroda 3 0 0

Love or Lost

Dear All,   The workshop went really well, it was about pranks. It’s fun and clever way for taking back freedom! However, I can’t really word it yet – it may take some time for processing. Long live BANKSY!    … Mehr 06.04.2011, 10:53 Uhr von Akira Kuroda 4 0 0

Spring Feeling

For the first time since the quake, I bought some flowers. Sometimes I’m really surprised to realize how much I love this town. Tokyo is still here, now it’s a season of cherry blossoms.    Mehr 05.04.2011, 12:49 Uhr von Akira Kuroda 3 0 0

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