Ich. Heute. 10 vor 8.

Ich. Heute. 10 vor 8.

Frauen schreiben. Politisch, poetisch, polemisch. Montag, Mittwoch, Freitag.

Ma Jiajia and terracotta warrior

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2013May/IHT/Story by Didi Kirsten Tatlow/ pictures by Sim Chi Yin for IHT /
Young Chinese entrepreneur Ma Jiajia, who owns a sex shop in east Beijing and is soon opening another on in the heart of the city, is also launching an social media app to allow people to meet or chat about sex. She emphasizes pleasure and fun in sex, and her shops are a reflection of that — a different tack from the typical “adult health” shops in China manned by staff members in white coats behind darkened glass or curtains.
Ma Jiajia poses with a terracotta warrior which is decked out in pink feathers in her shop.

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