Berlin ABC

Berlin ABC

Wir fahren durch die Hauptstadt

Ordnung muss sein!

Auch auf Bildern von U-Bahnhöfen. Lauren Randolph fährt mit der U-Bahn durch Berlin, fotografiert deren Stationsschilder und sortiert die Bilder hinterher nach Farben.

“Riding the trains during my very first visit to Berlin I instantly became obsessed with the colorful underground metro stations (Known as the U-Bahn, short for Untergrundbahn.) With lines dating back to the early 1900’s up through the 90’s, and 170 stations in total – each stop has it’s own charm and character. It took a lot longer than I expected to ride many of these all the way to the end and back, but it was really the best way to witness the changing districts and the people who reside in Berlin – a city so rich with history, and so rapidly evolving at present. I’m nowhere near done documenting them all, and I’ve tried to stick to only the most monochromatic stops, but this is the start of my project to file Berlin’s U-Bahn stations into Chromalogical Order.”

(via @texec)