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Niemand weiß, wie sich die Katastrophe in Japan weiter entwickeln wird. Auch die Menschen in Tokio kämpfen mit ihrer tiefen Verunsicherung. Sie

Tremor or depression?

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Dear All, just a quick note to say thank you for sharing my thoughts. It's great to see that we are actually connected and wired; thanks to the internet! I...

Dear All,

just a quick note to say thank you for sharing my thoughts. It’s great to see that we are actually connected and wired; thanks to the internet! I think you probably heard the news about nuke everyday, the situation keeps changing moment by moment. Right now, it’s not only about quake or radioactivity, it’s also about information.

Last night, I was so panicked. It’s incredible how much of information including rumors, threats and propaganda we get everyday. Surely, there are some useful information within; however, we are bombarded by crazy amount of information constantly. I felt that our old friend was sneaking towards me; it’s the fear. I was starting to get scared and thought, I should get out the town right away without thinking any consequence. I’m such a fool. I emailed some of my dearest friends who are still in Tokyo asking to come to Nagano mountains with me. My heart was pumping so fast. All the worst case scenarios were going through in my head, you know I’m such an imaginative person and that’s why I write novels!
I couldn’t resist so I phoned up to one of my friends. It was 2:30am. Thank god he picked up the phone and wasn’t angry. He just talked to me in very quiet tone, tried to calm me down. He decided to stay in Tokyo ages ago, whatever happens. He said, he doesn’t understand what exactly people are so scared of. I thought, he made a good point. We don’t know the true identity of the fear, this public hysteria and panics. There are tons of people up north, without food or electricity under the heavy snow. I can’t believe that some people are actually starved to death in this country. Compare to that, the city still functions apart from the fact that people are leaving so it’s getting more like a ghost town. But hey, it’s kinda cool, right?
We have our own choices in life, everyone has different value system. If you want to make people move, using fear is not a great idea at all. Through our conversation, we found the system of not being controlled by the information. We should always think and estimate the consequence of when you follow that particular information. What would the information give you? Tremor or depression? Energy to keep going? Use your instinct and it will tell you. Resist the fear and don’t let it control over you. There’re no THEM who is trying to attack you. It’s you. The enemy is within you. It’s always inside of your mind, so just trust yourself.
He still goes to work by bicycle, appreciating the fact that now he has some time to hangout with his friends because the office shut a lot earlier than normal, trying not to be fooled by any rumors or threat and keep telling funny jokes. I respect him so much, and there’re so many people like him in this town. That’s what I want you to know. The strength of ordinary people.

We also talked about the life after this disaster. We have lots of creative plans. We’ll write, make music, paint and organizing workshops. Now things has changed completely. We actually know that there are people who can share our thoughts and emotions in all over the world. Join my workshops, when things get calmer. I can’t wait to have you guys back and enjoy the beauty and density daintiness of Japan. Oh well, when we don’t need to be worry about radioactive, of course.
Please don’t feel any guilt, just enjoy and appreciate your everyday life. Since we are connected, it’s also our happiness, you see. Thanks for reading!
All my love,


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  1. dominikator sagt:

    I am certain the whole world...
    I am certain the whole world is looking on Japan. You are writing a blog for a german newspaper, and here for everyone, it is fear of a nuclear waste which drives them. I think that is because the uncounted deaths of the earthquake already happened, you cannot change it anymore, or fight it, only mourn. You cannot control nature anyway. But your own technology, it is the epitome of control, control over nature. This is a still raging battle, and that is I think why especially Germans, in a high-tech country, are driven by that fear, of loosing control. I would lie if I said, I am not.
    Articles say, you guys over there are very disciplined and also composed. Shou ga nai. Hell, I can´t even concentrate on my work, over here. So, in some way, your fight is our fight and I don´t think we could do it any better than you ordinary people over there.
    And maybe, when things change completely, it is also a chance for new and greater things to come. Which maybe kinda cool, then.

  2. kuroda sagt:

    <p>I'm not quite sure about...
    I’m not quite sure about how it works because it’s all in German… anyway. Thanks for your comment, dominikator! You know, I’m not trying to cover up or anything but I tell you, every one of us are scared! It’s so easy to lose yourself.
    However, somehow we (of course not everyone but many people around me) surrender. There are so many people in up north, still waiting for help. We are the lucky one and it’s our duty to keep going. It’s not like, we don’t feel anything. We do feel sadness, pain and fear. We don’t deny it but trying to control it with the strength of our mind. It’s a new kind of technology and better than nuke, man! Thanks for reading and I’ll keep writing to you, so let’s talk. All my love, Akira.

  3. f.theil sagt:

    Thank you for your report from...
    Thank you for your report from Tokio. Many people around the globe are suffering with you. I find it hard to concentrate on my work these days. Best of luck!

  4. Gabrielle26 sagt:

    Though I'm trying to work and...
    Though I’m trying to work and function like normal these days, I find myself checking and searching on Internet all the time, trying to find out how things really stand for the people in Japan and waiting for some good news finally to come in. That’s how I found your letters here.
    Thank you so much Akira, for sharing your thoughts, fears and insights. In the face of what is happening in your country, I feel I want to, HAVE to do something, even though I’m far away, and your words give some admirable inspiration on the right attitude to take. Please do keep in touch with us. My love and respect goes out to you and the people in Japan, and I’m hoping and praying for the safety and well-being of all of you.

  5. erichnabokov sagt:

    Thank you for sharing your...
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Akira. What makes the current situation so troublesome, is the uncertainty. No one knows what’s going to happen next. Your friend is taking the nihilistic approach and even tries to see the advantages (more time with friends, the thrill of danger in ghostly Gotham-Tokyo). I personally, would probably try make myself useful as a volunteer in the devastated areas up in the north. Would have the positive side effect of distraction. Nothing better than manual labor for treating insomnia. I am following the situation with special interest as I am planning to go to Japan for vacation in June. I have been to Osaka and Kyoto in October last year and fell in love with the country. I have been to a lot of countries, but Japan is definitely the most civilized. And by civilized I mean: emotional control, no violence, a sense for the subtle distinction in art, food, garden culture, clothing, aesthetics in general. It may sound funny for you, but my interest in Japanese culture started with watching Monoke Hime. I think a lot of people here would appreciate if you could use this blog for giving readers some insight into Japanese art, e.g. your favorite movies, books, mangas etc.

  6. AniMithril sagt:

    At first thank you Akira, for...
    At first thank you Akira, for sharing that information with us, though I hope it is taking some weight from you, I don’t know it and I have actually been ancious and curious at the same time, since the earthquake.
    How do you live with all that, what is it you are going through.
    For us here in Germany it is far away but for all of you it is just with you all the time the grief and the danger.
    Sharing this with us means that you give us a part of information some of us have been longing for.
    I’m really thankful for it and I’d like too help all off you wich makes me feel kind of helpless since I am only a little human in this big world quite powerless as such.
    Still I’m doing what I can, this only means praying and giving donations as far as I can, which is not much, but I hope that the thought at least reaches you all.

  7. kuroda sagt:

    <p>Thanks everyone, together...
    Thanks everyone, together we are stronger! I’ll write to you later again but please try to enjoy your day as possible as you can! Love, Akira

  8. niko sagt:

    Hi Akira,
    think that you'll...

    Hi Akira,
    think that you’ll never be alone in such a small world
    after all you can’t prevent spring from coming!
    hugs from Greece

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