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Niemand weiß, wie sich die Katastrophe in Japan weiter entwickeln wird. Auch die Menschen in Tokio kämpfen mit ihrer tiefen Verunsicherung. Sie

Hear what your body telling you

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Dear All, I slept like a log for hours and hours. Just got up and feeling much better. I read a news about Libya and my heart aches for the ordinary people in...

Dear All,

I slept like a log for hours and hours. Just got up and feeling much better. I read a news about Libya and my heart aches for the ordinary people in Libya. Most of us seem to have a common problem in Tokyo, which is a sleeping problem. It’s funny but some people told me that they sleep more than normally, then the other people have a problem of being light sleepers. I have slight problem on not being able to get any decent sleep for these days until now. 

How are you people? I hope your days are bright and beautiful. Today in Tokyo, we have a bit miserable day- raining. I don’t know if I bothered about the information related to „don’t do out when it rains“ because of radioactivity, but I’m staying in my apartment all day. However, there are tons of people who are trying to get back to normal as possible as they can, I hear people talking about re-establishment and they (including me) firmly believe in the bright future for the northern part. It seems that we are now more concerning about the consequence not politics. At the time of crisis, it reveals your true-self, your biggest fear and psychological pattern. All of us have a certain way of habits in our way of thinking, own way of seeing the world. You can really reassure it and change them if you want to. In my case, they were fear and anxiety. They are useful because it works as an alarm but that’s about it. They are not useful for problem solving. Don’t be afraid of being scared, it’s just trying to tell you that there are something you should notice, maybe it’s a sign for telling you that this is the time for pulling yourself together. I think I used to be a pretty imaginative(in bad way), worrying and anxious person, but I can do it so you can do it. You’d do it better than me, quicker than me.

Enjoy your day, I truly beg you, please enjoy your day and appreciate your life. Don’t be fooled by guilty conscience, enjoying your time and feeling sorry for others having hard time are completely different issue. More than that, to enjoy your day is also a joy for other people. Please remember, we are connected and not alone, let’s keep watching the world. As you are so cared about us, we care about you, even under our hardest time. Your love is our love, their pain is our pain, our love is their love.   

All my love,


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  1. sebbi sagt:

    <p>Dear Akira, wish I could...
    Dear Akira, wish I could ease a bit your pain, anxiety and everyday troubles.
    I know this blog helps, and I keep following the comments people write as well. You have
    a lot of friends around the world !! I also started to read in my haiku collections –
    and one finds consolation in Basho and many others. It helps to read poetry ..
    please know that you are all in our prayers – there is a collective prayer every
    night at 9 pm – going out from Europe to Japan – our 9 pm is your 5 am.
    From experience I know this time is the worst during the night.
    So happy you had a good night’s sleep yesterday.
    I love your blog and think you are brave …..
    Keep writing – all my love to you and your friends –
    Our Monday here in Germany is bright and sunny, the moon is full and supposed
    to shine with 30 % more light than usual. Today spring starts here, march 21st.
    My sleep was not so good – because moon was too bright !!!
    But who would complain about a beautiful moon !
    Are you thinking about a new novel ?? Maybe you alreay collect new thoughts.
    I hope so.
    Love, sebbi

  2. Dear Akira,
    be assured, many...

    Dear Akira,
    be assured, many my favorite and most my conpatriots thinking of you, citizens of Japan, now also on you. It breaks the heart to see, how ruined such a wonderful, highly cultivated nation and country is behind the years by decisions. Decisions which concerned not the only seemingly impossible. May god bless you and your country. In love.

  3. In such extremely situations...
    In such extremely situations like now in Japan, people show their qualties. The good as the bad one’s. For me it seems like japan people have a lot of good qualities.

  4. Inge sagt:

    dear Akira, I wished I could...
    dear Akira, I wished I could help you just to be with yours and give a helping hand
    or sholder for what you and yours are suffering at the moment. Believe me open your hearts and let others help you to built it up again I know that you are very strong I am sorry for my bad english but thats not important at the moment you know “ so me ti mas“ was my first experience when Japanese didn`t understand my
    english when I wrote it finally down – surprising spelling so this makes you smiling now between all the km difference and maybe a little bit warm feeling in your heart

  5. Marzipanman sagt:

    Dear Akira,

    thanks for your...
    Dear Akira,
    thanks for your words, your country needs your art now more
    than ever.
    The radioactive cloud from Fukushima will soon reach Europe,
    be sure that we share a smaller level of anxiety but a great
    level of solidarity with Japanese people these darkest days.
    Let your emotions be your friends. You need not being strong,
    but intensely Human.
    PS: Curious to learn more about your soul, which one of your
    books would you recommend me to read first ?

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