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Hear what your body telling you

Dear All,

I slept like a log for hours and hours. Just got up and feeling much better. I read a news about Libya and my heart aches for the ordinary people in Libya. Most of us seem to have a common problem in Tokyo, which is a sleeping problem. It’s funny but some people told me that they sleep more than normally, then the other people have a problem of being light sleepers. I have slight problem on not being able to get any decent sleep for these days until now. 

How are you people? I hope your days are bright and beautiful. Today in Tokyo, we have a bit miserable day- raining. I don’t know if I bothered about the information related to „don’t do out when it rains“ because of radioactivity, but I’m staying in my apartment all day. However, there are tons of people who are trying to get back to normal as possible as they can, I hear people talking about re-establishment and they (including me) firmly believe in the bright future for the northern part. It seems that we are now more concerning about the consequence not politics. At the time of crisis, it reveals your true-self, your biggest fear and psychological pattern. All of us have a certain way of habits in our way of thinking, own way of seeing the world. You can really reassure it and change them if you want to. In my case, they were fear and anxiety. They are useful because it works as an alarm but that’s about it. They are not useful for problem solving. Don’t be afraid of being scared, it’s just trying to tell you that there are something you should notice, maybe it’s a sign for telling you that this is the time for pulling yourself together. I think I used to be a pretty imaginative(in bad way), worrying and anxious person, but I can do it so you can do it. You’d do it better than me, quicker than me.

Enjoy your day, I truly beg you, please enjoy your day and appreciate your life. Don’t be fooled by guilty conscience, enjoying your time and feeling sorry for others having hard time are completely different issue. More than that, to enjoy your day is also a joy for other people. Please remember, we are connected and not alone, let’s keep watching the world. As you are so cared about us, we care about you, even under our hardest time. Your love is our love, their pain is our pain, our love is their love.   

All my love,


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