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Niemand weiß, wie sich die Katastrophe in Japan weiter entwickeln wird. Auch die Menschen in Tokio kämpfen mit ihrer tiefen Verunsicherung. Sie

Water Problem

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Public announcement said, we shouldn't milk the baby with tap water because of radioactivity. I've never imagined this day. Still pouring rain outside, at least...

Public announcement said, we shouldn’t milk the baby with tap water because of radioactivity. I’ve never imagined this day. Still pouring rain outside, at least my friends were cheerful and smily as usual. No matter what happens, we need to keep going. Hey, sorry about not being able to reply your comments, I’ll do that tomorrow. But one thing…please don’t worry about my books, I wrote them ten years ago! I’ve changed a lot since. Although I really love my former works because it’s part of me, but you know, it feels weird. My new story is supposedly coming out at the end of this month, it will be on the magazine, but under this situation I’m not sure…maybe it’d be postponed. It’s about quiz show, devils and human evolution! Sounds pretty good, right? 😉

Love you all, Akira 

16 Lesermeinungen

  1. Max sagt:

    "...don't use tap water for...
    „…don’t use tap water for the baby“…That brings to my mind that people with small kids have much more to worry about now than adults with no kids. It’s selfless worries about someone who can’t protect himself. Most humane feelings…the love for your baby, you’d even sacrifice your life for…

  2. Jordanus sagt:

    Hello Akira, we are looking...
    Hello Akira, we are looking foward to your comments. First take care of yourself.About quiz shows: A German Comedian sang a famous song about quiz shows. In English it means
    The whole life is a quiz,
    and we are just the candidates.
    The whole life is a quiz,
    and we are guessing, guessing, guessing…
    I don‘ t think that he is right, but this way of thinking might be a temptation. Thank you for your messages!

  3. kuroda sagt:

    I think that's another reason...
    I think that’s another reason for people to leave the town. It’s safe for the children. They need to be protected and that’s not only about parental responsibility, but also everyone else’s responsibility in the society. We need to speak up, because we’ve been in silence so long…

  4. Na Hauptsache die Sekten...
    Na Hauptsache die Sekten kommen an neue Mitglieder
    da man Sorgerechtsverhandlungen SCHULDHAFT VERZOGERT.

  5. Akira-San,

    since this tragedy...
    since this tragedy for thousands of people in Japan began, I’m reading your Blog every day. I originally planned to travel to Japan mid of april, but decided to cancel my trip. To visit Japan in such a situation as a tourist, is inappropriate.
    I thing a lot strength is needed to reconstruct Japan again. And as you said in your last comment, I’m not sure if is just a reconstruction. A lot things may chance for future.
    Wishing all the best for you! Ganbatte kudasai!

  6. April31st sagt:

    I am much more interested in...
    I am much more interested in Water outages (5 in the past two years) in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Wehere even Courts are not able to prevent Diseases by ensuring payed(!) delivery of appartment Houses.

  7. Gabrielle26 sagt:

    Dear Akira,

    It's in the news...
    Dear Akira,
    It’s in the news here too, about the water, and many people are probably reminded of the catastrophe in Tschernobyl 25 years ago, where large parts of Europe were affected as well. Not knowing whether it is safe to drink, to eat or leave your home is very disturbing and makes it hard to concentrate on anything else. And there was not even an earthquake or tsunami over here back then … So we can only admire how you and your friends are keeping up the spirit.
    Where I live, it rains a lot, and I’ve always been the first to complain about that, but I won’t do it anymore, I promise. Instead, I’ll try and enjoy my next walk through the rain for all of you, hoping that you’ll soon be able to do it again too!
    In the meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out what kind of story could be made up of the elements you describe. Will be exciting to see how your story differs from mine 🙂
    Love and best wishes!

  8. Marzipanman sagt:

    Dear Akira,

    "quiz show,...
    Dear Akira,
    „quiz show, devils and human evolution!“: a revelatory blend.
    After your new story is out, time to brush up my kanji; now,
    time to respect your wishes about your previous work. Yet curiosity
    kept growing after I read you complete posts, your thoughts and
    feelings and love generously shared with „all“.
    KEEP WRITING… the therapeutic effect helps you cope with current
    events around you. Breath…
    Keep some bottled water handy -on the practical side- and keep
    watching Fuji, how long it took you to discover its friendship !?
    Keep doing all things you like, your normal life is warmth against
    the present freeze. Normality = Sanity. Breath…
    And look for blossoming trees, their fallen petals follow the fallen
    lives of those up North. Let tears flow out to your relief, you live.
    And think about „after all this is over“. It shall be over.
    PS: Breath…, …, …,

  9. sebbi sagt:

    Hi AKira, glad you wrote...
    Hi AKira, glad you wrote another entry. I missed your writing.
    Reading through the comments I had the feeling, that this here might be
    „material“ for another piece of fiction. People write from all over the world,
    give advice, offer some inside from THEIR perspective, try to comfort you
    in your daily life and fear. You are the writer and will know what to do with this
    all. I am glad you write about your life in Tokio in these strange times.
    Your blog is one of the only information I trust. I can read between the lines
    and I feel like I know you a bit. Last year to this day I was in Japan – I visited
    Kokedera, the Moss temple in Arashiyama. It was raining very hard too in the sakura spring of 2010 – and the moss was from an exquisite color and texture.
    There is a cherry tree in front of the temple – the blossoms were perfect, despite
    the wetness – That you discovered Fuj-san just the other week – maybe is a sign.
    The Holy Mountain is watching over you – we must believe in a positive outcome.
    And we must believe in someone watching over us.
    Love, sebbi

  10. kuroda sagt:

    Thanks for the quiz song, I...
    Thanks for the quiz song, I think they stole my idea! haha. I mean, yes life’s like a quiz show without correct answer but your original answer. I’m not a quiz fan but really attracted the idea of symbolis in ancient time, which is a kind of ID cards for the people in secret society or rather old Christianity. Each of them kept a half-spread piece of ceramic board, and when they meet a person who has another half, the secret message was revealed. I thought, if the quiz (which constitute two different aspects of the object: a question and an answer, because these indications of elements are equaled. Questions and answers are two different ways of description of the world, also an analogy of dualism. Then I thought, if this universe is a quiz, and if the correct answer is answered, and when if the question and its answer fuse together, meaning it’s also the end of dualism, what would it become of us? That’s my first inspiration for the story. It’s only a short story but I have another cool idea on full-length book in a related subject; hopefully I can get on in near future…!

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