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Niemand weiß, wie sich die Katastrophe in Japan weiter entwickeln wird. Auch die Menschen in Tokio kämpfen mit ihrer tiefen Verunsicherung. Sie

Need some fresh air

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Oh well. It's getting pretty difficult to maintain my normal routine with clear mind. I think I'm stressed out again, especially by the water problem. I know...

Oh well. It’s getting pretty difficult to maintain my normal routine with clear mind. I think I’m stressed out again, especially by the water problem. I know that public announcement said that it’s not dangerous for adults but to see all the bottled drinks have been sold out in shops and hear many rumors about how still dangerous the reactors situation is, slowly they take my energy away and wear me out. Phew. I need to go in the woods, I miss the beauty side of nature!   

Have a great day, I’ll try the same! xxAxx

12 Lesermeinungen

  1. Max sagt:

    I can totally undestand that...
    I can totally undestand that you don’t like to use the tap water right now, although they say it’s not dangerous. I am sure it really isn’t dangerous, but just to know that it’s polluted, even if it’s ony a little bit, would make me avoid it.
    Can you actually just „go on the woods“ from where you live? Or do you need to travel for that and even stay overnight?
    I was surprised to learn that Japanese are really nature-loving people, more than people elsewhere in Asia; I guess. Has it to do with Shintoism? The religion with this cute fox as symbol? Ok, I also like to spent time in the woods, without being a religious person. But in Japan, nature has a spiritual element, right? Christian religion, on the other hand, used to be rather anti-nature in the past (mankind/human beings are „above“ all animals and plants, the latter are only made to be eaten by men). Nowadays, of course, the church gives itself a „green touch“.
    By the way: Yesterday I have seen the first cherry blossoms.

  2. Marzipanman sagt:


  3. kuroda sagt:

    Thanx and you've got a...

    Thanx and you’ve got a point. It’s really interesting to reflect our religion. We are so religious and not religious at the same time, yes Shintoism is an animism and it’s embedded so deeply in our daily life so we almost forget; basically everything everywhere has individual soul and even though there is a hierarchical system within, still gods are gods to men. Funny enough, we are more aware of the importance of nature than ever. Crying over the spilled milk, I think the reason why now people (including me) are so depressed is because of nature. Now water is polluted and wind brings radioactivity, maybe in deep down in Japanese collective psyche is facing the crisis of our faith, because now our gods and spirits are blasphemed.
    Yes, I’ll meditate before going to bed tonight. Thank you!

  4. sebbi sagt:

    To MM - the breathing doesn't...
    To MM – the breathing doesn’t always help, specially if one doesn’t Know, WHAT it
    is you are taking in !!!
    Akira, leaving for some wood- time sounds so good, I hope you decide on going away
    It just takes a train ride and you could be in Kyoto to wander the woods and really
    breathe fresh air. If you can treat yourself with a nice sakura trip – your really deserve it. I am thinking of you. If you like Kyoto – see it as a research trip for your next project. It will ease your mind.
    Just do it !

  5. Akira, I am the treasurer of...
    Akira, I am the treasurer of our local church on Long Island and we have sent a Christian organization in Japan a good sized check to help your needy people. When reading the Economist about this terrible event, it seems that most of the after pains are induced by your own politicians and bureaucrats. The Economist writes, for instance,that fuel has not been sent because of your 70 day supply law, that helicoptors may not land, not even hover over an area to unload needed supplies,that trucks may not use certain roads simply because it is forbidden to do so. It appears that you have a lot of work to do not only to rebuild the affected areas but also to eliminate the unholy allicance of politicians, bureaucrats and businesses. Good luck, Akira.

  6. Max sagt:

    @HenryPetersen: Well, there...
    @HenryPetersen: Well, there has never ever been a catastrophe where the government, the bureaucrats and anyone else who is supposed to „manage“ the help in the aftermath, was not accused of mishandling the situtation. Some reproaches may be true, some not or just based on musunderstandings (maybe the bridges on the road just cannot carry the weight of trucks).
    It was the same after Katrina in the US. At least, there are no looters in Japan. I still remember the pictures of heavily armed National Guard patrolling in the desaster area and arresting thiefs instead of helping people.

  7. Akira, I hope it will be...
    Akira, I hope it will be possible for you to breath fresh air again in your future. Your people are clever and will save the nature better in the future than in the past, I´m sure. I wish you and your people the very best! You will never give up, how it seems, thats good!
    To Max, I want to add something to your Statements to christian religion: the bible says men has to save the nature and the animals. It was misunderstood for a very long time, when GOD says in Genesis to the man:“Make the nature and the animals as your subject“ (hope translation is correct, I don´t use to speak english every day, I´m from germany). In the original text of genesis/Moses 1,27, there it is said (hope my english is good enough) „GOD made the Man as his picture, what is his representative (translated with „picture“ in german version, whats not wrong, because it is ment a picture which is a representative). That means, men has to do as GOD would do, to the nature and creatures. If you read the bible, you can see, that GOD loves all his creatures and the nature, he saw „it is good“. In the bible in Hiob, GOD tells Hiob, the worm has the same right to live as the man, the snake too, also when Hiob doesnt know what the snake is for and GOD says what Hiob thinks he is. In Proverbs/Sprüche 12,10 it is told „The just man knows what his animal needs, but the haeart of the sacrilege man is hard/cruel“. So you can see, christian religion includes the order to save the nature too, as shintoism does. But people of both religions ignored this or did not understand that. Hope we all will lern and save our nature better in the future. Therefore it helps to everybody to listen to your spirituell side inside you and of course: if you listen to the voice of the nature: to the whistling birds, the water, the wind…

  8. Marzipanman sagt:

    A song for Akira :
    Here came...

    A song for Akira :
    Here came heavy times for all in Japan,
    family and friends‘ eyes cry out for help,
    you hold their hands, ‚cause life lives on,
    not only without fear, but also without hope.
    A Goddess gave you joy, a god stole her art
    and makes you shiver, vulnerable and sad
    by night when sleep is dear and your heart
    clotted with pain, o spirits, recovers calm.
    Solitude is a sudden friend after you trek
    full three days and three nights to know
    the vision of your true soul and after that,
    seize back your pen, weave on your words
    and heal your soul and the rising Sun’s.

  9. BlackJack66 sagt:

    Dear Akira josei,
    I really...

    Dear Akira josei,
    I really feel with you and all Japanese people at this terrifying time. I guess noone here in Germany can really understand how bad and helpless one must feel in a situation like this. But I know that Japan is strong and will survive as well as the Japanese culture and people.
    Subete no saikō no anata no tame ni

  10. Marzipanman sagt:

    Akira needs our empathy,...

    Akira needs our empathy, our support, our understanding and reassuring words.
    FACTS: average radiation in, say, Rome is higher at 0.25 microsievert/hour,
    than in Tokyo, 0.12 microsievert/hour; the Hino (ca. 27 km W from Shinjuku)
    geiger readings oscillate around 20 cpm, slightly above usual levels.
    We were all irradiated in Europe 25 years ago, during Chernobyl; surprise
    yourself finding out records for your zone of residence. And yes, meditation
    and breathing help, try it out yourself. Akira, please accept all our love.

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