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Niemand weiß, wie sich die Katastrophe in Japan weiter entwickeln wird. Auch die Menschen in Tokio kämpfen mit ihrer tiefen Verunsicherung. Sie

Fresh air, maybe polluted but still!

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Hi there,  On Sunday, I was not feeling well and really needed to do something different. Something to improvise, something to calm myself down. Firstly,...

Hi there, 

On Sunday, I was not feeling well and really needed to do something different. Something to improvise, something to calm myself down. Firstly, I went to see my friend’s session of Crystal Bowls. Where he played was close to my house so I invited one of my friends for lunch, before the session. I made some Couscous which I’ve never cooked before, however I’ve tasted several times in all over the world; so I re-created the dish our of my physical memory and imagination. It was fun and tasted really good! Unfortunately I’ve got a call from my friend saying that she’ll be late, so I packed some Couscous and brought it to another friend who plays the show by telling, this pack lunch was from both of us. Have you experienced Crystal Bowl session? It’s a musical instrument made by crystal powder and all about overtones- we lie down on the floor as we listened, the tone was racing around my body and almost felt ticklish. Quite refreshing and interesting, and glad he liked my fake Couscous. During the session, an idea to amuse myself popped into my head.      After that, I hardly said goodbye to my friends and rush back home, then pack up whatever I see and jumped on the train. 

Well, now I’m in Nagano with mountains and forests. Oh it’s all so quiet… and peaceful.



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  1. Marzipanman sagt:

    Dear Akira,
    you did well by...

    Dear Akira,
    you did well by giving yourself a mountain breakaway and by talking to your
    parents, who must be re-experiencing their post-war childhood (cheer them
    up, be kind to them, they still long for the little girl that could not put on her
    socks alone; just wait till you create a little Akira yourself !).
    Your first time couscous must have tasted historical (I ate alone my first time
    okomiyaki but I shared all next ones). Crystal Bowl concert ? Pure catharsis,
    great choice for your case. Alas, our modern times lack magic and poetry, no wonder people get depressed and lonely and cold. So, freshen up you body
    and soul in Nagano before -if- heading back to Tokyo. All the best, Old Girl !
    PS: Enjoy that sunset…

  2. fionn sagt:

    Hello, Akira. Glad to hear...
    Hello, Akira. Glad to hear you are safe. I haven’t had a reply from Nestle yet, but it’s a huge food company (biggest in the world) and imo that often means bureaucracy. But Nestle must have experience in reacting to disasters with some kinds of aid/assistance in other countries WORLDWIDE.
    There are Swiss business „rules“ about communicating with customers, suppliers etc. With phone calls (you let the phone ring only twice at your desk then you must pick it up!!) and Nestle ought to reply to an email same as to a fax i.e. within 2-3 days, with a letter one should reply latest within a week.
    So I’ll look up to see if I find any names on their SMI (Swiss Market Index) website to address an email to.
    Best wishes
    fionn (I am a citizen of Zug near Zürich) Take a look at the website – a lot is in English.

  3. fionn sagt:

    Dear Akira

    I got an answer...
    Dear Akira
    I got an answer today as follows:
    >>Thank you for your mail.
    By the very nature of its products and activities, Nestlé supports deprived persons and victims of man-made and natural disasters.
    Nestlé Japan is donating product worth JPY120 million (around CHF 1.37 million), including healthcare nutrition products for hospitals, through a government distribution scheme. Nestlé Waters is donating 20,000 cases of bottled water, half of which are sent to hospitals.
    We hope that we answered your question . Thank you for your interest in our company. << I am glad to give you a positive answer, Akira, and I hope that via your "government's distribution scheme" there will be more supplies from abroad of whatever is needed for the victims of the earthquake/tsunami. Best wishes fionn end/

  4. DasFerkel sagt:

    I have written "DAS Merkel" in...
    I have written „DAS Merkel“ in the past. let me now correct this, before i get arrested for querulatorism (? germany is still like in 1933) againts the chancellor:
    DIE merkel,
    DIE merkel,
    DIE merkel,

  5. fionn sagt:

    Akira - I have tried 3 times...
    Akira – I have tried 3 times to send you details of aid to Japan from the company (whose name you will remember) but these mails don’t appear on your blog.
    Best wishes

  6. kuroda sagt:

    Thank you fionn! sorry for...
    Thank you fionn! sorry for taking long to reply you, I just found your message. Thank you very much for your action, thank you very much for thinking about us. Me and my friends are exchanging our ideas for re-establishment in Tohoku area. It’s still very severe situation but when it’s allowed to go there, we’re thinking about organizing a group for child education. We’re still not fully comprehended the damage and loss, but I can imagine there are numbers of children without parents.

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