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Niemand weiß, wie sich die Katastrophe in Japan weiter entwickeln wird. Auch die Menschen in Tokio kämpfen mit ihrer tiefen Verunsicherung. Sie

The First Workshop

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I've been busy for organizing a workshop, it held on Sunday. It went great and helped for me to realize what should I do for improve the event. I'll keep update...

I’ve been busy for organizing a workshop, it held on Sunday. It went great and helped for me to realize what should I do for improve the event. I’ll keep update later! 

10 Lesermeinungen

  1. Marzipanman sagt:



  2. Hanna sagt:

    Dear Akira,

    It was an...
    Dear Akira,
    It was an absolutely magical evening. Thank you! I think that might have been the first time I danced in public in Tokyo. Haha! I can’t wait until the next one. But tell these poor people what happened and what you thought of it! 😉

  3. Marzipanman sagt:

    Those "poor people" swear by...
    Those „poor people“ swear by Mrs. Kuroda’s telltale wisdom:
    „Everyone finds the qualities they have in the others; it works like a mirror“
    We, the little people, demand a reparation. Tomorrow at dawn, château de
    Vincennes, choice of weapons is obviously ours.
    PS: Akira, now that Sebbi and I were ready to down some champagne
    together -metaphorically- at Maxim’s (in your absent honour), this ? THIS ?
    No-fly zone over Mrs. H. ! I’m speechless… Sebbi, wo bist Du, Hilfe !

  4. Hanna sagt:

    Dear Marzipanman (btw, love...
    Dear Marzipanman (btw, love your SN),
    Is that a challenge to a duel? I’m sorry! I meant „poor people“ only because you weren’t there at the workshop! Akira, where are you?!

  5. kuroda sagt:

    I find it's funny!

    I find it’s funny!
    Well, there are so many things I want to share with everyone about the workshop, so little time. I found many of like-minded people who really want to make an action for the future of this country( and the world).
    btw, if anyone comes up with the good excuse not to go into work this Sunday(yes, that’s another reason I’m busy, I’m working at the shop…although I already told them that I’m leaving I still have to cover some shift until they find someone). This Sunday, big protest against nukes will be held by youngsters in Koenji. I don’t normally go to protests (same as other normal Japanese people) but this time, I really want to go. One of my friends is making a banner saying sorry to the world, because we couldn’t handle the nukes! I feel the same, when you are in Tokyo you feel that everything as a national problem; however radioactivity is an international problem.
    Well I guess I came up with my excuse already. I’ll tell them how I feel with honesty. That’s my strategy – being myself all the time.
    Have a nice day everyone!
    All my love, (I will write about why I use this expression because there’s a reason for it)

  6. sebbi sagt:

    My immune system gave up and I...
    My immune system gave up and I got sick over the weekend.
    To many problems …. and I lost track of you guys „comments“ !
    Well, champagne at Viencenne sounds good to me (better than a duel)
    How so very oldfashioned…. Hanna we will not invite !!
    What am I writing here about? I must be in a fever still.
    Sorry Akira, one should write a short story about your followers. Or make a movie
    while we are at it.
    (MM if he IS a male will be played by ….. have to think about it more)

  7. sebbi sagt:

    Liebe Hanna, danke Dir sehr...
    Liebe Hanna, danke Dir sehr fuer deinen Bericht aus Kyoto. Und die schoenen Fotos.
    Wie kann ich Dir darauf antworten und nicht ueber Akira’s Blog ??
    Nur hier so viel – viele Europaere sollten sich wirklich schaemen, dass sie das Land in Panik verlassen wollten! Du warst tapfer, und es ist sehr interessant zu sehen, wie man seine Nerven nicht immer kontrollieren kann, aber doch dann das richtige tut.
    Deine Webside ist wunderschoen – und sicher wird sich die Gelegenheit ergeben, auch richtig etwas „helfen “ zu koennen. Akira und Du – you go girls …..
    Danke nochmal, dass Du einen Hinweis auf „sleeping mountain“ gegeben hast.
    Ich sass letztes Jahr genau auf der Bank im Imperial Garden ….. es regnete und
    die Kirschblueten waren nass – und voll „promise“ – letztes Jahr.
    Viel Glueck weiterhin,
    love, christiane
    Akira, please would you be so nice and forward this to Hanna ? Thanks

  8. Hanna sagt:

    Liebe Sebbi,
    vielen Dank für...

    Liebe Sebbi,
    vielen Dank für die nette Bemerkungen! Du wirst direkt auf meinem Blog am Ende von jedem Beitrag ein Link für „Leave a Comment“ finden. Im Moment kommentieren nur wenige aber es währe auch unheimlich schön etwas auf Deutsch da zu sehen. 😉
    Dear Akira,
    Sorry for the German! If you want to know what it says (about my blog), I can translate it for you tomorrow.
    Hugs to you all, Hanna

  9. Marzipanman sagt:

    Akira, darling !
    The haiku...

    Akira, darling !
    The haiku comment was a prank on your minimalist, cryptic post above. Your
    comment has enriched us further. Now go out and prove us that Japan’s youth
    and yourself can denuclearize the place (I’ll get my popcorn). Being yourself
    all the time ? Never treason, unfaithful ?
    Sebbi, praise that fever that gave you lofty wings ! Double that champagne !
    Forget that duel (old fashioned ? What’s that ?). AND the story or movie or play
    about Akira and her commenting crowds is ready since 1897 :
    „Cyrano de Bergerac“
    Roxanne … Akira
    Christian … Sebbi (even if a FEMALE)
    Cyrano … MM (male, sorry)
    Hanna … Montfleury or De Valvert (her choice)
    Etc., etc.
    To paraphrase Dumas „All my love and LOVE MY ALL !“
    PS: Hanna, dear mochi, your pleading appears satisfactory, however, only
    Sebbi and Akira (in her blissed absence) qualify for champagne; you may,
    in due course, be considered eligible. Keep writing, young lady.

  10. sebbi sagt:

    Cyrano de B. wasn't that the...
    Cyrano de B. wasn’t that the ghostwriter and beautiful mind behind the rough fassade! well, but Christian (how very funny that this is my given name, with the female „e“ at the end) has to die early in the play!
    Cyrano symbol of the poetic talent and beautiful soul.
    Not bad for a character you see yourself in.
    Poor Akira ends up in a monastery … great !!
    Jonas Kaufmann did sing the role in the 90th – did you know that ??
    Akira, Hanna how is it going girls??

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