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Love or Lost

Dear All,


The workshop went really well, it was about pranks. It’s fun and clever way for taking back freedom! However, I can’t really word it yet – it may take some time for processing. Long live BANKSY! 


Ok, let’s stat from something completely different. Referring to the your comment on why I use the word „love“ so often. I guess you are referring the fact that I use „all my love“ at the end frequently. It’s quite meaningful to me and wanted to tell you long before.


Some say that there are many different kinds of love. There are romantic love, sister/brotherhood love, tainted love, egoistical love, crazy love, sexual or asexual and.. whatever. Seemingly there are endless definitions and categories for it. However, I savagely decided to ignore all the differences. Why? Surely, there are thresholds within me but, it’s always deferent depending on relationships I have. In general, I like people. I want people to feel love(even though I’m not fully understood what exactly love is, but I’ve got some ideas) all the time, and I truly, strongly, sincerely and radically think so. So I use „love“ thing. Love is love, it’s very strange but powerful yet-to-be-defined energy within us. 


On  the day of quake, (before starting this blog) someone who happened to sent me a message via my Tumblr. I never knew that person but I was truly grateful. Like you guys, she really cared about me and what she wrote was very kind, generous and full of something very warm. I felt the warmth and power she sent me, invisible force through her text. At the end of her message, it said „All my love“. And then, I finally realized that the energy I felt was indeed, love! Strong, universal and personal feeling of being connected.     


It’s the same as this connection we share. It’s invisible but definitely there. I never used „all my love“ or „love“ at the end of my emails, because I thought these are very cheesy! I was more like, „Best,“ kind of person. However, now I’ve changed my opinion. Using the expressions anything love related with my fullest intensity, is the new radial way of living (personally). Yes, I find it very radical. I decided to live radically in my own way. This is one of the things I’m trying, if I want the world to be a certain way, I need to manifest and represent my idea. Very simple. 


All my love,



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