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Niemand weiß, wie sich die Katastrophe in Japan weiter entwickeln wird. Auch die Menschen in Tokio kämpfen mit ihrer tiefen Verunsicherung. Sie

My first protest ever

| 7 Lesermeinungen Dear All, I'll be in Koenji tomorrow, Tokyo to say no to the nukes, and apologizing to...

Dear All,

I’ll be in Koenji tomorrow, Tokyo to say no to the nukes, and apologizing to the world…! My first protest ever! 

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7 Lesermeinungen

  1. sebbi sagt:

    Akira, we will be with you in...
    Akira, we will be with you in thought tomorrow.
    It is important to show „presence“ and to start a communal voice!
    You will connect with people – and share your concern and opinion.
    As a song goes: „You might learn something, you never know“
    Take good care of yourself.
    All the best,

  2. Marzipanman sagt:

    Brave Akira,
    a) There is...

    Brave Akira,
    a) There is always a first time…
    b) The world accepts your apologies
    c) „Ni dieu, ni maître“ (or nukes)
    May the Force be with you, Noble Savage,

  3. Sammelmappe sagt:

    Thank you for your protest and...
    Thank you for your protest and apologizing.

  4. q sagt:

    There is nothing to apologize...
    There is nothing to apologize about, as long as the rest of the world makes the same mistake everywhere and just was more lucky. But protesting against the responsibles for such mistakes is good, and should happen everywhere.

  5. Gabrielle26 sagt:

    Dear Akira,
    It's very good to...

    Dear Akira,
    It’s very good to know that such things are going on in Japan and that you’re taking part.
    As for apologies, however, I wonder whether we actually deserve one. We have not been better or wiser in this respect, we’ve just been luckier so far, haven’t we? For example, I personally have been 100% against nuclear energy all those years, but what have I actually done? Not that much. So I feel each and every one of us who hasn’t done whatever they can to actively engage in protest against nuclear power AND to save as much energy as possible is co-responsible for this disaster and owes an apology to nature and to the world. You and us, we’re connected, so we’re in this together. Let’s act …
    Love, Gabrielle

  6. sebbi sagt:

    Gabrielle is so right - there...
    Gabrielle is so right – there is nothing to apologize for !! The older generation has to apologize to your generation.
    They left you a world that is not in order, nature vandalized, resources not spent
    wisely and mostly for profit.
    Let’s safe energy, protest for a better and smarter world. Sometimes we think,
    that it is a waste of time, but it is not, make yourself seen and heard – and work
    together and never bee afraid. I hope you are feeling good about yourself and about the protest, and yes, we are connected and in this together !!
    Love to all,

  7. Marzipanman sagt:

    Lady Kuroda, fellow...
    Lady Kuroda, fellow netizens,
    we must welcome this needed apology,
    we show our gratitude for your courage to say „SORRY“ to all of us,
    levels of sorrow and responsibility are distinct issues,
    we know that to apologize is a virtue and a cultural obligation for social
    harmony in Japan.
    Few are those in the West ready not to blame others,
    few ready to admit failure, guilt.
    We learn.
    From you.
    We admire, Akira, your dignity and honour,
    we support you,
    we are united.
    It is most important for you and for us to relieve our souls, grab this peace.
    Thank you deeply for your apologies,
    thank you truly for your rightful protest,
    thank you ever for your pure self,
    PS: Even if Anarchy and Utopia remain difficult aims, keep fighting
    for and dreaming of them. To victory. Your own victory.

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