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Niemand weiß, wie sich die Katastrophe in Japan weiter entwickeln wird. Auch die Menschen in Tokio kämpfen mit ihrer tiefen Verunsicherung. Sie

Koenji Protest 09/04/11

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I'll tell you about my first protest ever.  It was a great day. Very sunny, great fun and friendly atmosphere.  Apparently, there were 15000 people...

I’ll tell you about my first protest ever. 

It was a great day. Very sunny, great fun and friendly atmosphere. 

Apparently, there were 15000 people joining the protest. Different kinds of social tribes, backgrounds and point of views… but we all agreed to say no to nukes. There are many people like me, ordinary first timers. Everyone was definitely sharing the feeling of connected. Many people took pictures of our banner, some cheered us and said, what is said is exactly what they want to express. Many people think we are in a way responsible for the incident, because it was US to let the things happening. It was US blinded ourselves. It was US not thinking any consequence. It was US to let ourselves ignorant until now. It was US not being able to handle it. We owe you tons, please accept our sincere apologies for you. And please, lend me a hand to change the situation.  

I’ll ask my friend to give me some photos and upload them later! 

All my love, 




2 Lesermeinungen

  1. Marzipanman sagt:

    Comrade Kuroda,
    congratulations for your successful first protest against the perverted concept
    of „safe nuclear power“, your action last Sunday is one more step towards a
    nuke-free Earth. Beautiful to know that lots of participants were first timers;
    keep waking up your neighbours to the dangers of borrowed thinking.
    You people are innocent for the incident, things happened = bad luck. Please
    don’t feel guilty, you must remain HEALTHY and HAPPY, we need your love,
    your smile. You are doing all you can do to help. It’s time to rebuild, to care
    about babies and old folk, time to roll up sleeves and sweat, time to work.
    I must insist, please clean out those dark thoughts away from the mind.
    This was a hellish accident, let’s imagine revolutions to avoid more…
    Brave, brave and blameless people of Japan !
    You have helped us, too, you who ask for our help to change the situation,
    you have, honourably, connected, united, reached to each other, worldwide.
    Lend you a hand ? Please take both hands and my heart, to toil and strive for this just cause along you.
    Once more, your sincere, honest apologies are received with emotion,
    you makes us thankful, serene. Please do accept now our helping hands,
    Akira, we owe you all our love,
    PS: Thanks for your protest, thanks for channelling your energy into a
    different form of protest than „Made in Japan“. Thanks for your apology.

  2. Otaku1612 sagt:

    Hello Akira, it give me at...
    Hello Akira, it give me at least a little bit Hope for the future of Mankind that you write that is was US how destroy the Base of Live onto this Planet. I hope you and much other people use this to break with your old live and start a new one.
    All my god wishes are with you and your people.
    According to the Information that we have here in Schweden it looks really bad for Japan. I really hope you find a way out of this and your Country have a future and do not became a radioactive wasteland.

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