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Koenji Protest 09/04/11

I’ll tell you about my first protest ever. 

It was a great day. Very sunny, great fun and friendly atmosphere. 

Apparently, there were 15000 people joining the protest. Different kinds of social tribes, backgrounds and point of views… but we all agreed to say no to nukes. There are many people like me, ordinary first timers. Everyone was definitely sharing the feeling of connected. Many people took pictures of our banner, some cheered us and said, what is said is exactly what they want to express. Many people think we are in a way responsible for the incident, because it was US to let the things happening. It was US blinded ourselves. It was US not thinking any consequence. It was US to let ourselves ignorant until now. It was US not being able to handle it. We owe you tons, please accept our sincere apologies for you. And please, lend me a hand to change the situation.  

I’ll ask my friend to give me some photos and upload them later! 

All my love, 




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