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Niemand weiß, wie sich die Katastrophe in Japan weiter entwickeln wird. Auch die Menschen in Tokio kämpfen mit ihrer tiefen Verunsicherung. Sie

Tokyo Spring/ Protest Photos

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Sleeping Mountains     ...

from Sleeping Mountains Bild zu: Tokyo Spring/ Protest Photos

Bild zu: Tokyo Spring/ Protest Photos

Bild zu: Tokyo Spring/ Protest Photos

taken from Sleeping Mountains

Sleeping Mountains



5 Lesermeinungen

  1. curious sagt:

    How did people react?...
    How did people react?

  2. Marzipanman sagt:

    So many young, fallen...
    So many young, fallen petals…

  3. kuroda sagt:

    Dear curious,
    Well, it was...

    Dear curious,
    Well, it was like a festival. The whole town was quite supportive for the protest, I believe. Some people were spontaneously joined as we walked, some media reported about this protest. One funny thing is that we don’t watch TV anymore. At least, people around me never be on the side of TV. We simply not trust them in general.
    I heard that NHK (national channel ) picked up about this protest on the evening news but no other channels. Most important thing is to continue the action, I believe – as someone said on Twitter, it was 15000 people and if we bring one friend each in next time, it will be 30000. I’ll keep update.
    All my love,

  4. kuroda sagt:

    Hello Marzipanman,

    Yes, but...
    Hello Marzipanman,
    Yes, but my photos are gone!? Very strange.???
    The first and the last pics are taken by Hanna from Sleeping Mountains. Other three cherry tree pics were taken by me.
    All my love,

  5. Haku sagt:

    Those pics with cherry trees...
    Those pics with cherry trees calming the soul. Can´t really explain why.

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