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Niemand weiß, wie sich die Katastrophe in Japan weiter entwickeln wird. Auch die Menschen in Tokio kämpfen mit ihrer tiefen Verunsicherung. Sie

Choose your reality

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Dear All, These 2-3 days, I was a bit nervous all the time. That is because, we have a series of aftershocks, relatively big - although nothing is damaged but...

Dear All,

These 2-3 days, I was a bit nervous all the time. That is because, we have a series of aftershocks, relatively big – although nothing is damaged but the worst one occurred in the area where reactors stands, therefore we generally pretty nervous and try to be in the normal state of mind as possible as we can. Well, now it’s level 7 – what does it mean? I’ve got a forwarded message the other day, talking about a prophet warned as the reactors will be brown away and we must prepare – however he didn’t say about actual protections specifically – just keep telling us to prepare for it. After reading the email, I become really sad and angry. You know, it seems that the prophet is kindly saying to prepare for running away; but in the email, it also said “ nowhere we can go, nowhere is safe“. Then, we can’t do anything about it! I noticed what it means as „be prepare“ is that „be despair and apathetic“. I hate threats and third-rate psychics. It makes me pretty sad to see, some people need this kind of things…

Everyday of our lives, we should prepare for our death. Since we cannot control our destiny (or rather I should say, how much time left), we should always notice that the death on your side. And its job is to stimulate and inspire us – to know that we are alive than ever. We all die someday, it’s an universal law that applies to everyone. Yes, we need to do anything for survival, however in my sense, being prepared means that you are always 100% sure about yourself when you encounter the cross point of making a choice. 

However the fear – again, it’s an important signal for letting us know to notice on something, but when you take it too meaningful and give up the grip, you lose yourself and the choice you make can be very crucial. Let’s not rush into the conclusion when you are scared of something. It’s ok to be scared, but it will be gone in time. Breath slowly and call your strong will power to realize the death on your side, then you know that you are alive right in this moment and nothing worst as you are thinking is not yet happened, it’s all your imagination. If you feel uncomfortable with your nightmares, dream happily. 

Well, it’s nice bright day, Tokyo is still standing. I’m here too – doing my best as possible. I feel alive now – do you? Ok, I need to „prepare“ myself to go out!   

All my love,




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  1. Not "BOAT (ship) People":...
    Not „BOAT (ship) People“: Bot-schafts-Flüchtlinge (Botschaft -> Embassy)

  2. sebbi sagt:

    Akira, do we believe in...
    Akira, do we believe in „prophets“ NO, do we care about „levels“ , I don’t either.
    Do we believe Kan-san, who ate a tomato – or drank a glass of water infront of
    a camera?? No,we don’t.
    We have to believe that everything will be ok in the end – we have to not let
    our mental strength be sucked out of us.
    Your last sentence made me sad (even more sad as I already am)
    I know the feeling to „need to prepare to go out“. BUT WE DO IN THE END!!
    And this is important.
    Wanted to tell you about a You Tube post, I found the other day.
    It made me smile and cry, and this was an ok feeling.
    You find it under „song for Japan Man“ Come on Nipon! YOMIGAERE
    Everybody in the world is in this together, you must believe in this.
    It makes it easier to get through.
    Wishing you a good night, a quiet one.

  3. AniMithril sagt:

    Just thinking "I'll be dead...
    Just thinking „I’ll be dead I’ll be dead“ will not get anyone anywhere which is why I agree with you, knowing it’s there is important, knowing that since life is easily lost, wich makes it even more value, is something everyone should know.
    And by knowing it, I mean enjoying his/her life as best as he/her can do, while thinkin of the people around him and helping them enjoy theirs.
    I know this sounds like a complicated task but actually it’s not harder than brathing once you’ve starteted it.
    Enjoy your live, let the people near you enjoy it and love and greetings Akira.

  4. Marzipanman sagt:

    "Carpe diem... Enjoy your day...
    „Carpe diem… Enjoy your day and trust less about tomorrow“ Horace
    Hello, Akira,
    sorry for the aftershocks, I mean, you are over there shaking from
    time to time and we’re here, just reading and writing; I feel a bit bad,
    unable to vacuum clean most of your nervousness. Be sure of our
    gentle support, chew on these lines as a sweet comfort for your soul
    and please reeeeelax, you and Tokyo are -very- safe :
    a) „The classification of 7 means there’s a leak of radiation into the
    wider environment; and although it’ll be interpreted as being ‚the
    same as Chernobyl‘, it’s not the same“(…) „The amount of radiation
    release is a lot less, and the way it’s released is very different.“
    Fukushima is a sort of slow motion Chernobyl = more controllable.
    b) Any uninhabitable exclusion zone, permanently contaminated,
    will be in the vicinity of the reactors (20-40kms).
    c) Remote, remote possibility of any new explosion (or meltdown)
    due to all nuclear fuel at all reactors being under stable cooling,
    still 2-3 months till stability is deemed 100% OK. Fear 1%, pleaze !
    d) Air radiation levels in and around Shinjuku cherry trees are
    perfectly normal since several days ago, aren’t they ?
    While fear is a healthy instinct,
    panic can be demolishing…
    You people need to be pampered now, by us, not by prophets :
    I. Self-styled prophets are not nuclear engineers, their job is to
    scare people and feed them pain. Their lives are dark and they
    now relish at the sight of millions sighing together in fear. SAD.
    They offer you no solutions, only terror. So drop ‚em, brilliant !
    II. Spreading panic by such emails ought to be considered criminal.
    III. Please be angry, release that energy and let’s share your
    sadness, I’ll sacrifice it to the Seine river. And prepare couscous.
    IV. Smile, laugh, dream… Woman, keep being yourself and keep
    collecting more beautiful moments ! Imagine, play, sing… And
    get someone friendly to give you a thoroughly good massage.
    You take upon the eternal subject „to be or not to be“ as the Other
    said. Death is, yes, our daily, invisible companion. Modern Western
    society hates this death permanence; it’s hidden from view, sterilized,
    or rationalized through religion. My dear friends at the café de Flore,
    the existentialists, perceive the life along death issue on a way
    I consider, personally, as human as cynical: „Every existing thing
    is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness, and dies
    by chance“. Well, I still like to enjoy some wine during „weakness“.
    Being aware of our evident future end does not mean we’d waste
    our existence cursing this very awareness. Far from it, life is a long
    single journey, we can try to make the best of it, as you show us.
    Not fate, but ourselves determine greatly the happiness and beauty
    of our life. Be prepared to live, that’s a good way to prepare for death.
    And congratulations for your cheerful spirits at the end of your post,
    go get them, girl !
    In conclusion : so much love, so little time,
    PS: Sorry to blah-blah eternally, but your arguments were, as usual,
    appealingly inspiring; so much your very own fault, darling !

  5. Gabrielle26 sagt:

    Dear Akira,

    Reading this, I...
    Dear Akira,
    Reading this, I really wish I could tell you that all you’re going through right now is just a bad dream and that you’ll be able to feel safe and secure again when you wake up tomorrow. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. On the other hand, while we over here live a safer life right now than you and people in many parts of the world, that may change anytime, both on an individual and a general level (just as it changed in Japan, from one minute to the next). And anyway, just as you say, nobody is really „safe“, because we’re all going do die. So the difference between your and our situation is just one of degree, isn’t it? And while many seem to think it’s morbid or even abnormal to constantly remember that „death is on our side“, actually the opposite is true. Modern mankind has chosen to push the thought as far away as possible, but more or less all ancient cultures were very much aware death. And once we make a real effort to get accustomed to this thought again, it can actually be very helpful, relieving us of lots of stresses and worries and helping us to set the right priorities in life.
    By the way, have you ever read Eckhart Tolle or Deepak Chopra? I personally find their books very helpful when it comes to questions of how to cope with the insecurities in life and how to make the most of the time we have on earth. And of course there are many other great authors/teachers who can help „prepare“ and „choose your reality“ – quite in contrast to that third-rate e-mail prophet …
    All the best to you!

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