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Choose your reality

Dear All,

These 2-3 days, I was a bit nervous all the time. That is because, we have a series of aftershocks, relatively big – although nothing is damaged but the worst one occurred in the area where reactors stands, therefore we generally pretty nervous and try to be in the normal state of mind as possible as we can. Well, now it’s level 7 – what does it mean? I’ve got a forwarded message the other day, talking about a prophet warned as the reactors will be brown away and we must prepare – however he didn’t say about actual protections specifically – just keep telling us to prepare for it. After reading the email, I become really sad and angry. You know, it seems that the prophet is kindly saying to prepare for running away; but in the email, it also said “ nowhere we can go, nowhere is safe“. Then, we can’t do anything about it! I noticed what it means as „be prepare“ is that „be despair and apathetic“. I hate threats and third-rate psychics. It makes me pretty sad to see, some people need this kind of things…

Everyday of our lives, we should prepare for our death. Since we cannot control our destiny (or rather I should say, how much time left), we should always notice that the death on your side. And its job is to stimulate and inspire us – to know that we are alive than ever. We all die someday, it’s an universal law that applies to everyone. Yes, we need to do anything for survival, however in my sense, being prepared means that you are always 100% sure about yourself when you encounter the cross point of making a choice. 

However the fear – again, it’s an important signal for letting us know to notice on something, but when you take it too meaningful and give up the grip, you lose yourself and the choice you make can be very crucial. Let’s not rush into the conclusion when you are scared of something. It’s ok to be scared, but it will be gone in time. Breath slowly and call your strong will power to realize the death on your side, then you know that you are alive right in this moment and nothing worst as you are thinking is not yet happened, it’s all your imagination. If you feel uncomfortable with your nightmares, dream happily. 

Well, it’s nice bright day, Tokyo is still standing. I’m here too – doing my best as possible. I feel alive now – do you? Ok, I need to „prepare“ myself to go out!   

All my love,




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