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Niemand weiß, wie sich die Katastrophe in Japan weiter entwickeln wird. Auch die Menschen in Tokio kämpfen mit ihrer tiefen Verunsicherung. Sie

My Decision

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Dear All, There is a place in Japan called Kobe, which means the gate of God. And now, there is a gate of Hell called Fukushima. I don't know what will it be...

Dear All,

There is a place in Japan called Kobe, which means the gate of God. And now, there is a gate of Hell called Fukushima. I don’t know what will it be but there are always positive side and negative side in things. Like the myth of Pandora’s box, even 9 out of 10 are all negatives, the left one is always something positive. That’s again, our imagination is important. We must find something to hope for with using our strong will and imagination. That’s what I call human intelligence. I decided to move out of my place at the end of May, and will be going somewhere abroad. All I know is that I feel an urge to share my faith with as many people as possible before it’s too difficult to travel for Japanese in terms of radiations. However, I want to come back to Japan anytime I want, that I need to share what I learnt from the world with people in my country. I choose the design for my life with my fullest intensity.

All my love,


12 Lesermeinungen

  1. kuroda sagt:

    And as always, thanks for...
    And as always, thanks for reading and thanks for your superb comments. You guys are my source of inspiration too. I hope it works vice verse, but I bet I’m getting overwhelmingly great amount of love from you all. I’m not going to keep it all for myself, will definitely share with people in my country. Thank you so much as usual. All my love, Akira

  2. Otaku1612 sagt:

    If you ever like to see North...
    If you ever like to see North Europ, Sweden, you are welcome. No Charge. It will be a honor to have such a blessed guest.

  3. Caoky60 sagt:

    Akira-san, are you sure to...
    Akira-san, are you sure to leave now is the right thing to do? I believe the challenge is to overcome the terrible destruction wrought by earthquakes and the tsunami, and hope engineers, technicians and workers can bring Fukushima back under control. Japan has a great history to recover from disaster – the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 killed over 100,000 people but the country rebuilt. I feel nothing but contempt for people like the Porsche (!) manager who fled Tokyo so quickly. Now is the time to face the challenge and be strong in face of adversity. – By the way, the only good thing in Pandora’s box was Hope, but the Gods closed the box before Hope could be released … we must be stronger than even the Greek Gods wanted us to be.

  4. kuroda sagt:

    I'm very sorry but I wrote...
    I’m very sorry but I wrote something very inconsiderate. I meant to refer Fukushima as the gate of hell but it only means the area where nuclear plant is in Fukushima. There are many people live in Fukushima. My sincere apologies to everyone, please forgive me if I ever gave you any kind of apocalyptic vision. There are many people there and it’s their hometown. I was very unfair to write so very carelessly. I’m sorry.

  5. kuroda sagt:

    Thank you very...

    Thank you very much, I really appreciate. If I don’t knock on your door, please let me share your kindness with someone who knocks on your door. Love, Akira
    I’m afraid but I guess I couldn’t explain my feeling well. What I want is to make a bigger network and try not Japan to be isolated. I want to be a part of the people who brings inspirations to diverse places to exchange and share our thoughts. I want to work for our challenge of making better choice. I want to work for making this planet better place so that I need to dedicate myself to do whatever I believe in to be harmonious with my nature. (Please refer Buckminster Fuller). Everyone is good at all different kinds of things, I’m afraid but I’m not a city planner or technician, but I think I’m good at making a bridge between of fragments of thoughts, plus I like writing, so that’s what I will do.
    I’m seeing myself in the midst of our challenge, which many of us decided to take part in. However, you are also right. I can be staying in Tokyo, my friends will kindly let me stay in her apartment. I understand, leaving the country in this time can be seen as a coward or betrayer – I can totally feel it in where I am.
    Although I can’t control anyone except myself, so that I can’t change your opinion because it is the greatest of having diversity, but still, I hope you understand what I mean. I’m sorry for my helplessness of not being able to explain well. Love, Akira

  6. sebbi sagt:

    Akira, you don't have to...
    Akira, you don’t have to explain at all ! You do what feels right for you to do.
    With „abroad“ you mean the US or Europe ??

  7. Marzipanman sagt:

    A second song for Akira...
    A second song for Akira :
    Welcome be your soul to us,
    whose decision is for freedom
    to do what others dare not try.
    You write, travel, work for a better,
    gentler world and share all your love
    and dreams and thoughts with us
    friends whose courage and fear
    are equally balanced as your own.
    Your decision
    is your first right
    and you’re right,
    I daresay.
    Come here, take all our joy to share
    it back with Japan’s heavy hearts; back
    between the gates of Heaven and Hell.
    You don’t betray nor run away, you do
    your artist’s duty and honour this world
    you want to turn into a sweeter place.
    O, blessed be YOU, daughter of the Sun
    rising from the Eastern Sea of Hope…
    Your decision
    is your first right
    and you’re right,
    I daresay.
    PS: Naughty eyes ! You stayed up late, last night, answering comments,
    get some rest during Monday, you need to pamper yourself these days !
    When you come over, the best couscous will be complete, because
    creative guests bring perfection to humble meals.
    Sorry for very careless writing ? me too…

  8. Caoky60 sagt:

    Akira-san, domo arrigato for...
    Akira-san, domo arrigato for your kind and thoughtful reply to my comment. I understand the situation is different for everybody. If you feel some global networking in person is best for you now, that is an honorable choice, too. I just feel that it is also important to start rebuilding and keeping a rational attitude about the situation. Fukushima is a great challenge that requires human bravery to overcome, and I am very confident that the Japanese people will master this challenge, too. I wish you all the best for your personal plans.

  9. Marzipanman sagt:

    Dear Sebbi,
    you said it...

    Dear Sebbi,
    you said it simpler, sister ! Just note that the US is another planet,
    not merely abroad. Africa or other fun places could also be options…
    PS: Re-reading your posts, you too seem ripe for a new trip to Paris,
    and perhaps, an amateur re-enactment of „Cyrano“ ! Roles re-distributed !

  10. Ich bin nicht sicher, was...
    Ich bin nicht sicher, was diese Aikira meint. Meint sie, sie allein will diese Katastrophe ueberleben. Und was ist mit ihrer Familie? Eltern, vielleicht Geschwister? Will sie mit allen Japan verlassen? Oder einfach allein? Das verstehe ich nicht mit japanischer Hinsicht. Ich kann es auch tun (Japan verlassen), aber ich kann nicht meine Familine einfach hier lassen. Na ja, man kann alles tun was er will, schliesslich leben wir in einer freien Welt.

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