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My Decision

Dear All,

There is a place in Japan called Kobe, which means the gate of God. And now, there is a gate of Hell called Fukushima. I don’t know what will it be but there are always positive side and negative side in things. Like the myth of Pandora’s box, even 9 out of 10 are all negatives, the left one is always something positive. That’s again, our imagination is important. We must find something to hope for with using our strong will and imagination. That’s what I call human intelligence. I decided to move out of my place at the end of May, and will be going somewhere abroad. All I know is that I feel an urge to share my faith with as many people as possible before it’s too difficult to travel for Japanese in terms of radiations. However, I want to come back to Japan anytime I want, that I need to share what I learnt from the world with people in my country. I choose the design for my life with my fullest intensity.

All my love,


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