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One day a man working in a meat factory accidentally got himself locked up inside the factory cold storage unit. When he realized it he shouted aloud for help but in vain. And as it was already end of day many workers had left factory for the day. Slowly he started to feel the chillness in his bones and realised that he would soon be dead. This made him worried and sad. After sometime he heard a sound and saw that the door was opening. He instantly ran towards it with a sigh of relief. He saw the factory watchman standing at the door and hugged him hurriedly. He thanked him a thousand times with happiness and relief for saving his life. Later on out of curiosity he asked the watchman how did he knew that he was in here when no one heard him sometime ago? For that the watchman replied “I have been working in this factory for 10 years and you are the only person who respects me and wishes me everyday in the morning and evening. I heard you wishing me this morning but did not hear your good bye in the evening which got me suspicious and led me here looking for you”. When the man heard this he was overwhelmed and hugged him again. Once we start treating everyone equally and respect and acknowledge each others presence it only leads to a greater goodness. These simple gestures make us human beings. #art #illustration #drawing #artist #sketch #graphic #artoftheday #ajitjohnson #quote #arts_help #artgallery #digitalart

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