Wenn Josh Coombes mit einem Rucksack bepackt durch London streift, hält er Ausschau. Nach Menschen, die sich über einen neuen, kostenlosen Haarschnitt freuen könnten. Obdachlosen, die sich einen Besuch beim Friseur nicht leisten können, verpasst er einen neuen Look. Unter dem Hashtag #DoSomethingForNothing will Coombes Menschen weltweit inspirieren, es ihm gleich zu tun – diejenigen, die etwas brauchen, mit denen, die etwas haben, zu verbinden. Ganz gleich, was ihre Profession oder ihr Talent ist. 

@DoSomethingForNothing || This is Paul, He’s been homeless in and off for years now. Paul was in tears at more than one point during his haircut. He told us he was violently attacked hours before we bumped into him, because he threw himself on top of a friend to protect him from a beating. He took it instead. We could see his legs, hands and head were extremely sore and bruised from where he had been repeatedly hit with bottles. In this moment I believe Paul’s willingness to defend a friend means he’s probably out classed most of us. Profoundly moving. You can’t fix everyone. But for the time we are with them we can listen, we can hear their story, we can love them, we can be bringers of compassion and dignity. Paul’s haircut made him happy, I could feel his appreciation as we embraced at the end. Myself, @daveburt & @mattspracklen left him smiling. I told him I’ve he’s hairdresser now and that he’ll see us all again soon. Share your own stories on #DoSomethingForNothing – you might not be able to cut hair, but you can use your time and your own skills to make a difference to one person.

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