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Quelle: Internet

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Diese Frauen zeigen, warum jeder eine „Bikinifigur“ hat

Jeden Tag das gleiche: Man läuft durch die Stadt und sieht überall Werbung mit männlichen und weiblichen Models, die den perfekten Strandkörper haben. Das schlechte Gewissen ist vorprogrammiert – doch nicht mit diesen Frauen.

Denn unter dem Hashtag „My Body is a Bikini Body“ setzen Sie den Ansprüchen der Gesellschaft einen Riegel vor, indem Sie zeigen, dass Bademode für alle gemacht wurde.


It's national bikini day today and my timeline has been filled with stunning pics or beautiful women all shapes and sizes celebrating! Posed beautifully on beaches. Magazine shoots, in their gardens and looking the epitome of instagrammable. So I thought I would join em…here's me. With a pizza lilo. That I couldn't bloody get on (and if I did I fell off pretty sharpish (swipe across to see) but I mean I wouldn't be me if the pic was vogue worthy ??? I will preach it til I'm blue in the face but you are ALWAYS bikini ready! At any point in your life and at any size! Never ever forget that! Bikinis are NOT just made for those with flat stomachs and perky boobs. They are made for ALL! ALL bodies. EveryBODY and everybody. Part of my self love journey was asking myself WHY? I am going to explain more about what I mean in a blog post going up later today (check my stories for when it goes live!) But ultimately the fact remains – you are worthy of donning your bikini! Don't let what others say think or feel bother you because it's what you SAY THINK AND FEEL that matters. So many of you often ask me for my favourite #bodypositiveaccounts so here are some absolute QUEENS who inspire me – have been apart of my journey whether it was a couple of years ago or now. Fill your timeline with people who inspire you, make your eyes light up, encourage you and make you feel ok! 'Relatable' is a term people often throw around and that's why I follow the people I do – whether it's their stories, bodies, captions or just general awesomeness I can in some way relate to them and that's why it empowered me to know I was worthy just as they were! @theslumflower @bodyposipanda @curvycampbell @fullerfigurefullerbust @tallulah_moon @kateshappinessjourney @stylemesunday @warriorwomenevents Bikini – @curvykate #confidence #bodyconfidence #power #empowering #influence #happiness #pizza #holiday #bikini #bikinibody #curvy #happiness #pizzalilo #mybodyisabikinibody #happiness #selflove #bodylove #iamworthy #worthy #bodypower

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Um die Botschaft zusammen zu fassen: Ein Bikini-Körper ist ein Körper, der einen Bikini trägt.